Two after-school French clubs started in the school last September:

Yr.4/5 pupils on Tuesdays

Yr 3. pupils on Wednesdays

Both clubs run from 3.45 - 4.15pm. 


Pupils are really enjoying learning French and more about France-its geography and customs etc.


Every week, someone chooses a “password” –a new word learnt for everyone to remember the following week.  At the club, lots of fun games are played and the favourite number games  are Bingo and 10th man out! Everyone enjoys “interviewing” each other asking questions about their name, age etc.

Everyone can now:

  • Count up to 20 in French
  • Say their name, where they live, their age and what the weather’s like! And ask others the same questions.
  • Sing some French songs –even a rap in French!
  • Remember all the days of the week in a chant!
  • Write lots of French words and phrases in their fun activity books “Salut Céline et Antoine” for the Yr 3s and “Bonjour La France” for the Yr. 4/5's

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the club please either ask at the school office or contact me below:


Margaret Holt


Mob 07790004947

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