Year 2 ~ 2015 - 2016

University of Life - Campfire, singing and toasted marshmallows!!

What a day, Easter egg hunt this morning and a campfire with toasted marshmallows this afternoon. School is brilliant!!


First of all Mr Gunning told us how to be safe around the campfire. We must always walk around the outside of the circle to find a place to sit. You must never walk across the circle unless a teacher asks you to. We must not throw things in to the fire. We had to be very careful when we were toasting our marshmallows and not touch any part of the fire.


We toasted the marshmallows on sticks until they were golden brown (or in some cases black) and then we carefully ate them because they were very hot.


After all that excitement we sang some songs including Pizza Hut, Boom Chicka Boom and B.I.N.G.O.


University of Life - Bird activities

We made bird feeders out of plastic bottles and decided where to place them around the school. We filled them up with bird seed. Year 2 decided to place them outside the classroom so as we could identify which type of birds came to visit. We used spotter sheets and then sent our results off to the RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch.


University of Life - Willow weaving

We made dinosaur shelters out of willow. We had to make a circle out of willow first and tie the top together. Then we wove another piece of willow in and out of it to create a wall of willow.


University of Life - Wenallt trip

We went to explore the Wenallt.

Before we could explore we made sure we knew exactly where we could and could not go.

We made shelters for our teddies to sleep in. They had to be big enough for our teddies to fit in. First of all we used bigger sticks to make the structure and then we used smaller sticks to fill in the gaps. We did not want our teddies to get wet so we covered the sticks with ferns and leaves.

Finally we sang songs around a pretend campfire and said goodbye to our teddies. Mr Gunning and Mr Bleach went to pick up the teddies the following morning. They all said they had a great time!


PE - Throwing - discus,javelin and shot put 

Today Year 2 learnt how to throw the discus, javelin and shot put.


To throw the discus, start by  standing sideways like a star, with straight arms. Keeping your arms straight, swing and throw - easy peasy!  

We practised throwing a quoit into a basket from various coloured spots.


To throw the javelin, start by standing sideways with arms straight , point to where you would like the javelin to go. Bend your throwing arm and pull through.


To throw the shot put, stand sideways and point to where you would like the object to land. With the other hand,  put the shot put (or bean bag!) next to your neck, then push through.

We played shot put golf to improve our technique.



PE - Cardiff City FC

Cardiff City FC will be visiting Year 2 over the next few weeks to teach the children a variety of fundamental skills. This programme compliments the existing school PE lessons, giving children the opportunity to develop the basic skills needed to participate in different physical activities. 

Jumping and running have been covered so far. "You need high knees and bent arms to run fast" Luke W.

The children have also been improving their reaction times. "We learnt to do fast starts" Lucy J