Year 3 ~ 2015 - 2016

Halloween Maths Trail

This afternoon Year 3 worked in teams to follow the trail and answer the spooky Maths clues around the school. They gained a letter for each problem question they answered correctly and then had to work out the Halloween anagram. The word spelt out PUMPKINS. The children all worked really well together and developed their ability to work successfully in groups. 



University of Life - Campfires and soup

Today we all sat around the campfire and sang some songs whilst waiting for the carrot soup to heat up. We had made the carrot soup in the autumn term, using the carrots grown in our school garden. You can see our reaction to the soup in the photos below!


University of Life - Save the Vole!

Did you know that voles are slowly becoming an endangered species? We need to help protect them from predators, especially when they are feeding. We made a long tunnel out of small sticks for the voles to hide in.


University of Life - Why do birds have different shaped beaks?

Birds eat different things from worms in the soil to insects in ponds, the air and in bark. They all have different beaks to help them to do this.

We experimented with different shaped beaks (which looked like chopsticks, sieves, spoons and tongs) to see if we could pick up any worms, and insects (which looked like polystyrene and rice) from the air, the water and between the floorboards.

it took us a long time!


University of Life - String Trail

We had to guide our partner around a string trail whilst they were blindfolded. We had to speak clearly so as our partner could understand our instructions and use other senses such as feel to help us. We also had to trust our partner.This helped to develop our speaking and listening skills.


University of Life - Fires and marshmallows

Today we made a fire, toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the campfire.

You must be prepared when you light a fire. Mr Gunning had a big pile of little sticks , medium sticks and thicker logs ready, before he lit the fire. He lit some newspaper and then started to add the small sticks. Soon it was big enough for us to cook our marshmallows.

To keep us safe we must listen to the rules:

1. Do not jump over the fire

2. Do not touch the fire

3. Do not put your marshmallow in the flame

4. Wait until your marshmallow is cool before you eat it.

It was great fun!

By Year 3 Coch


University of Life - Making Pizza

Today we made pizzas. We used pepper, sweet corn, ham, cheese and tomato and basil. They were very tasty. By Jessica


University of Life - Forest Fawr

We went to explore the forest. To keep us safe we were given boundaries in the forest. First we went to look for different types of feathers. Then we had a game of Moths and Bees. It was great fun


University of Life - Bird boxes

We have been making bird boxes using a saw, hammer and nails. We had to be very careful. Before we built the boxes we had to think about which birds might use them and how big the boxes needed to be.


Hockey Wales visit Year 3

Over the next few weeks Hockey Wales will be visiting Year 3 during their PE lessons. Charlie came to visit today and taught the children how to hold a hockey stick as well as the basics of dribbling a ball. Those Year 3 children who already belong to various hockey clubs were able to show off their skills and help their class mates to improve.