Year 4 ~ 2014 - 2015

University of Life - Campfire games and Pumpkin Soup

Today we sat around the campfire and played lots of games such as Chinese Whispers and the Alphabet Game,  whilst we waited for our homemade pumpkin soup to heat up. We had made the soup from the pumpkins grown in our school garden in the Autumn term. More smoke was produced by the fire because the logs were a little bit damp.


University of Life - The Ugly Bug Hotel

We have started to build a bug hotel for all the small creatures to live in. First of all we had to decide how to construct it. We used a wooden pallet to act as a base and then we went for a walk around the school to find small items such as house bricks, large rocks and pieces of wood to use as 'spacers' between each level of the hotel. We then found smaller items such as twigs and leaves to pack in to the layer, to make it nice and snug for the bugs.


University of Life - Twig Faces

First of all we walked around the school and identified the trees and bushes. We then found lots of natural materials like twigs, leaves, acorns and bark and used them to make a face. We worked together as a team and had to use our speaking and listening skills.


University of Life - Why do birds have different shaped beaks?

Birds eat different things from worms in the soil to insects in ponds, the air and in bark. They all have different beaks to help them to do this.

We experimented with different shaped beaks (which looked like chopsticks, sieves, spoons and tongs) to see if we could pick up any worms, and insects (which looked like polystyrene and rice) from the air, the water and between the floorboards.

it took us a long time!


University of Life - Bird Boxes

We made bird boxes to put up around the school. Before we decided where to put them,  we had to think about the direction of the wind, rain and sun.

When we used the saw, hammer and nails we had to be very careful.


University of Life - Wenallt visit

We went to the Wenallt and built a shelter. We had to work as a team to build it and had to make sure everyone could fit inside the shelter. First we decided where to build the shelter. We chose a tree to use as a base and then used large sticks to make a structure. We filled in the gaps with smaller sticks. Finally we made it waterproof by adding some leaves and ferns.