Year 5 ~ 2015 - 2016

Ironbridge 2016

In year 5 we are studying the Victorians. Have a look at what we got up to on our overnight trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge.


University of Life - Campfire and vegetable soup

Today we finally tasted the soup which we had made using the vegetables grown in the school garden, in the Autumn term. Whilst we waited for it to heat up on the fire, we sang songs and played some memory games. Look at the photos below and see what we thought of the soup!


Year 5 Football match against Whitchurch Primary

This was the first time the Year 5 boys have played as a team and great team spirit was shown by all. The boys battled throughout the match and displayed some excellent skills.

University of Life - Why do birds have different shaped beaks?

Birds eat different things from worms in the soil to insects in ponds, the air and in bark. They all have different beaks to help them to do this.

We experimented with different shaped beaks (which looked like chopsticks, sieves, spoons and tongs) to see if we could pick up any worms, and insects (which looked like polystyrene and rice) from the air, the water and between the floorboards.

it took us a long time!


University of Life - Campfire Bread

We made a fire and cooked twists which were made out of flour and water. We put the twist on a bamboo stick and held it over the fire until it was cooked. Then we put a spoonful of jam inside it. It was delicious!!


University of Life - Soil investigations

Year 5 have been carrying out soil investigations with Miss Davies over the past few weeks. We have been looking for and identifying mini-beasts, discovering the different textures of soil types. We have been testing the soil to find out if it is acid or alkaline. Mostly the soils around our school have been alkaline. We have been making mud balls and having fun!!  by Lucy


University of Life - Forest Fawr

We went to visit Forest Fawr. We have been learning about the body in class, so we made a skeleton out of wood in the woods. We had to remember where all the different bits of the body went!


University of Life - Bird Boxes

We had to be very careful when we used the saw, hammer and nails to make bird boxes. Before we started to use them, we had to plan the size of the pieces of wood needed, to make the boxes. The boxes have been hung up around the school, see if you can spot them.