Remembrance Day

At 11 o'clock, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, we remember those people who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today. On this day as a school we come together to silently reflect on the sacrifices made by our brave service men and women. 

They did it for Britain


The war is gone and all that remains are poppies to be seen

On Flanders fields the plants are grown on a lovely field of green

The soldiers will not come back in a touch of a mitten

They risked their lives but they did it for Britain


The time has come for remembrance

They risked their lives to save us

Around the Tower of London lies a flower bed

Also known as the sea of red

Tears of joy start to thicken

They risked their lives, they did it for Britain


Joseph Judd

The Train


As the coin gleamed in the light,

I wondered where mother could be at this time of night.

The sky was clear,

But I was in fear.

The birds flew

And my fear grew,

I looked up high

Then waved goodbye.


The train went on,

And the night grew long.

The whistle blew,

As I said bye Britain,

I'll miss you.


By Morgan Evans