Green Team

Do One Thing for the Environment

Green Team is launching a new campaign called 'Do One Thing' to encourage people to change just one thing about their lifestyles to help our environment.  In addition to the things you do on a daily basis, such as recycling, turning off lights, not leaving taps running, we want you to pledge to do one new thing to help our planet.  It doesn't have to be a big thing - lots of people making small changes can have a significant benefit for our planet

To help you, Green Team has come up with some ideas:

- taking a reusable cup when you go out for coffee

- turning off lights in a room you're not using

- washing your recycling before it goes in the green bag

- using public transport or walking on one day each week rather than using the car

- feeding the birds in your garden 

- buying a bar of soap instead of handwash in a plastic bottle

- putting on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning the heating up/on

- turning your television off at the set rather than leaving it on standby

- buying loose fruit and vegetables instead of those in plastic packaging.


Whatever you do we want to hear about it.   Pledge cards will be available in our office from next week - fill one in and hang it on our Tree of Life in the Rainbow Corridor to show your support.

Thank you

Terracycle Recycling Scheme

Green Team members have been busy collecting and sorting all the items you have sent in for recycling.  Thank you to all of you who are taking part in this scheme.

Green Team 2018-19

Members of Green Team were busy at Parents' Evening trying to encourage families to leave the car at home and travel by bus this half-term in an effort to cut pollution and traffic congestion.  Our information centre provided route maps, timetables and details of fares and many visitors to the stand were pleasantly surprised by how reasonable bus travel can be especially in school holidays when the cost of family ticket is considerably cheaper than most car park charges.  Why not give the bus a try this holiday?