Digital Leaders

The job of digital leaders in the school is to promote safe use of the internet. We meet every Wednesday to talk about the digital world and are trained on how we can help change the way we use technology safely. We help people when they have problems using the internet, provide help to teachers throughout the school and act as good role models around the school.

We can help with advice about security settings, make posters, videos and PowerPoints and help adults understand what children do online at home.

We research and share ideas about threats and ways to tackle them when gaming.

Llanishen Fach have selected our Digital Leaders for 2019 - 2020.


Tobias Brown - 5G - I would like to enhance my I.T skills and help other people who perhaps struggle when using I.T


Liam Ward - 5C - I have a great interest in technology and I believe we will use more technology in the future, so I want to teach others how to use it too.


Miles Pickles-Fiore - 5C - I love digital technology, I love learning new things with computers and I have an excellent range of I.T skills.


Ella Dineen - 5G - I want to learn about technology and share my knowledge with others. I am an excellent communicator. Furthermore, I want to motivate and inspire others and to become a role model.


Oliver Evans - 5G - I like helping other people to become better computer users. I am a keen user in school and at home. In the summer break I completed numeracy tests on excel.


Evan Shearer - 5G - I can help people when they need help on the computer. I enjoy using I.T and would like to improve in this area.