Digital Leaders

Llanishen Fach have selected our Digital Leaders for 2019 - 2020.


Tobias Brown - 5G - I would like to enhance my I.T skills and help other people who perhaps struggle when using I.T


Liam Ward - 5C - I have a great interest in technology and I believe we will use more technology in the future, so I want to teach others how to use it too.


Miles Pickles-Fiore - 5C - I love digital technology, I love learning new things with computers and I have an excellent range of I.T skills.


Ella Dineen - 5G - I want to learn about technology and share my knowledge with others. I am an excellent communicator. Furthermore, I want to motivate and inspire others and to become a role model.


Oliver Evans - 5G - I like helping other people to become better computer users. I am a keen user in school and at home. In the summer break I completed numeracy tests on excel.


Evan Shearer - 5G - I can help people when they need help on the computer. I enjoy using I.T and would like to improve in this area.