Criw Cymraeg

Siarter Iaith Gymraeg - Cymraeg Campus
We are making great strides with the new initiative, ‘Siarter Iaith Gymraeg’ (Welsh Language Charter), launched to promote and increase the use of Welsh in schools. As you know, the aim of the charter is to promote a strong Welsh ethos in schools and to provide a range of enriching activities to help children learn Welsh and understand Welsh culture and history. 
The ‘Criw Cymraeg’, a group of pupils leading this initiative, has started to lead the weekly Welsh Assembly. During the week, they actively encourage others to speak Welsh and congratulate their peers when they do so.  Certificates are given out during the weekly assembly. New Welsh songs have been learned and the children are all enjoying them very much. ‘Ymadrodd Yr Wythnos’ (Phrase of the Week’) continues and we are definitely hearing more Welsh being spoken around the school. 
The Criw Cymraeg have visited all the classrooms in the school and have provided bilingual labels for objects in the classroom. 
We have been able to tick off several targets towards the Gwobr Efydd (Bronze Award). You can see our progress on the display board in the Rainbow Corridor.
Dewch i siarad Cymraeg gyda ni!
(Come and speak Welsh with us!)