House Captains

Our school house captains are voted for during house meetings which take place at the start of each academic year, with the successful pupils retaining their role throughout that year.

By providing role models, elected by their peers, younger pupils are given something to aspire to as well as having a reliable big 'brother' or 'sister' to turn to for help or guidance.

During their period of tenure, captains and vice captains provide student leadership, both in sporting activities and more broadly across the school.


  • encourage other students to participate in all aspects of school life
  • display exemplary qualities at all times

House Captains 2022-2023



             Captain Olivia James   Vice Captain: Gethin Richardson

            Captain: Jacob Green    Vice Captain: Sophie Pengilley 



Captain: Aaron Mayer   Vice Captain: Izzy Morris

Captain: Amelia Ranalli   Vice Captain: Leo Hatton



Captain: Mya Symmonds   Vice Captain: Jessica Jones

Captain: Bobbie Barnfield   Vice Captain: Abbie Barnfield


Cwm Nofydd

Captain: Maisie Higgins   Vice Captain: Jacob Hampson

Captain: Sean Roche   Vice Captain: Grace Samuel

House Captains 2021 / 2022


After a hard fought contest, where pupils presented their arguements as to why they should represent their House this year, the following lucky people were chosen by democtatic vote.



             Boys: Captain Hugo Pearson   Vice Captain: Joey Hobbs

            Girls: Captain: Penny Brown    Vice Captain: Ffion Nel 



Captain: Luke James   Vice Captain: Zach McInch

Girls: Captain: Annie Tavener   Vice Captain: Erin Coleman



Boys Captain: Zach Shearer   Vice Captain: Harry Marks

Girls: Captain: Ruby Wallen   Vice Captains: Grace Blakemore and Penelope Morgan-Jones


Cwm Nofydd

Boys: Captain: Nyerin Piggott   Vice Captain: Harry Parsons

Girls: Captain: Isla Trelawny   Vice Captain: Emily Coates


House Captains 2019-2020


Captains: Sophia Jenkins-Knowles and Noah Morgan Jones

Vice Captains:  Maisy Knight and William Haines

Cwm Nofydd         

Captains: Alfie Williams and Leah Perkins

Vice Captains: Sid James and Grace Armstrong


Captains: Catrin Ellis and Ioan Davies

Vice Captains: Jasmine Ralph and Thomas Hughes


Captains: Evan Raghupati and Olivia Graham

Vice Captains: Ben Lewis and Olivia Jenkins

Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who stood for election and to all our pupils who voted for their choice of representative.