Super Ambassadors

Super Ambassadors 2022-23


Year 6 Representatives:

Olivia James, Sam Last, Jessica Jones and Toby Jellings

Year 5 Representatives:

Kairi Wong, Harmin Ali, Herbie Loader and Finley Palmer


Super Ambassadors 2021-22

A great introductory session with

@childcomwales for some of our new Super Ambassadors. They learnt about the role of the commissioner and how they can make sure everyone knows about children’s rights. They are looking forward to getting going with the Well-being mission!


 Our new Super Ambassadors for 2021/22 have recently been selected.


These pupils will work alongside the school senior management in an effort to become really invoved with managing the vision for the school moving forward over the next year. 


The candidates each put together a presentation outlining how they, in particular, could have an impact on the way our school develops. They were voted into their roles by their peers and teachers.


Year 6 Representatives:

Tess Hampson, Penny Brown, Summer Agland and Kinan Al-Shamaa


Year 5 Representatives:

Olivia James, Sam Last, Jessica Jones and Toby Jellings


Congratulations to all concerned for your superb presentations.

Good luck making a difference to our school.



Super Ambassadors 2019/2020


Our two diligent and committed school Super Ambassadors, Rosie and Emily work closely with Mrs Coombes, our headteacher, to focus on three jobs set out by the Welsh children’s commissioner:

  • Inform other pupils about the commissioner and her powers
  • Make sure other pupils know about children’s rights under the UNCRC
  • Do special missions for the commissioner in their school – these inform decision makers and have a real impact on children’s rights in Wales

The scheme provides an exciting and interactive way for children in our school to learn about their rights, in accordance with the UNCRC, which underpins the Welsh Government’s vision for education.

Through the use of Super Ambassadors we engage in the Four Purposes in developing a curriculum in Wales, providing meaningful opportunities for children to develop as healthy, confident individuals and participate as ethical, informed citizens in our school and on a national level.