1. Burglar Bill

Hello again.

A new week and a new book. We are now reading Burglar Bill, a classic - just like me (if classic means old!!!)

As always I will be adding activities to the site linked to the book. There will be lots to choose from, take a look with Mum/Dad, do what you can and enjoy yourselves.

Mr B

Burglar Bill

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Activity 1:

When Burglar Bill goes to work, he is going out to ‘steal’! Steal is a homophone.

A homophone is where a word sounds the same but have different meanings and are sometimes spelled differently!!


Visit BBC Bitesize to find out about homophones by following this link and this link.


Steel is a strong metal used to make the wheels on a train. – the steel wheels are round like two ‘e’s.



Once I remember this I know that the burglar one is the one with an ‘a’ - steal


Activity 2:

Counting in tens

Burglar Bill was written in 1977, which is decades ago.



A decade is ten years, can you work out how many decades ago 1977 is?


So not surprisingly Janet Ahlberg’s detailed illustrations show Burglar Bill living in what we might think of as an old-fashioned home.


Thinking about now and the past, look through the illustrations in the book to identify objects in Burglar Bill’s house, that show he lived decades ago - the old Singer sewing machine, the aspidistra in a china chamber pot, the fox fur...


Think what we would use nowadays in place of these things, you could photograph them or draw them and label them.


It might be that some of you have very elderly relatives who have some of these things in their homes, perhaps you could phone them and ask about them.


Activity 3:

Make a wanted poster What does he look like? Write a description of him and maybe offer a reward for his capture. Here is a PDF sheet you can print off or just use your own paper and design it yourself.

Activity 4:

Burglar Bill has been very busy!

Burglar Bill has been a very bad man!

Can you find the pages that they all come from?




Ask your mum or dad to help find an online shopping site. See if you can find out how much some/all of these things would cost to buy today. TAKE CARE NOT TO ACCIDENTALLY BUY THEM!

(I think I might need a calculator if I was doing it).


Activity 5:

Memory game - ask someone in your house to put twelve small objects from around the house, ‘stolen’ by Burglar Bill on a tray.

Now spend a few minutes looking at them and try to remember what’s there.

Cover the tray and try and say/write all the things there were for use in the ‘police report’.


If that was easy try again with more objects.

As an alternative, ask the person who collected the objects to ‘steal’ one of them. Which one did they steal?