2. Taking the Cat's Way Home - Chapter 2

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Taking the Cat's Way Home. Here is Chapter 2. Like with Chapter 1, when you have finished reading/listening to it move on to the activities. You can pick and choose which you do and in what order or you can even have a go at inventing your own activities linked to the book.
Mr B


Chapter 2

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Activity 1:

Jan Mark uses numbered chapters to divide the story.



  • Why do you think writers use chapters?


Look at some of your books at home.

  • Do they have chapters?
  • Are the chapters named or are they just numbers?
  • Can you think of a name to describe Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Taking the Cat’s Way Home?

Activity 2:

On page 17 we see the new boy in Jane’s class.



"He put out his tongue and made his eyes go funny."


  • Why do you think he does this?
  • Can you think of words to describe how you think he feels?


Draw a picture of him and write your words around him.

Last term some of us used an online thesaurus to find extra interesting words. If you want to use it again follow this link to www.thesaurus.com

Activity 3:

Jane's teacher, Mr Singh, wears a turban.



This shows that he probably follows the Sikh religion. Find out what Sikhs believe on the BBC Bitesize website.

Activity 4:

William, the new boy in Jane’s class, doesn’t seem very friendly and what is worse Matthew and Habib are starting to be mean too.



We know that bullying isn’t very nice.

Design an anti-bullying poster to show your support for Jane.

Think about:




alliteration (when words start with the same sound)                                   

imperative words (also known as a 'bossy verb', because they tell someone to do something)


Follow the links to find the meanings of alliteration and imperative verbs on the BBC Bitesize website.