3. Even more number games [new]



Two players each choose 6 numbers from the 2x table (up to 12x2) and write them down


e.g. 4 8 10 16 18 20


  • Roll two dice and add together the two numbers
  • Multiply that number by 2 (double)
  • If the answer is on your paper, cross it out.

The first to cross out all six of their numbers wins.


Guess my number

Adding on one ten

Ask mum or dad to come for a walk with you, they choose a car number you can both see.

They add 10 to the number in their head and tell you the answer.

Can you guess which car they were looking at?

Now swap jobs and try again


Number plates follow a pattern, find out here how the number shows the year the car was made.


Secret sums

Ask someone in your house to try this with you.


  • First write down a tens and units number for them.
  • They then secretly do something to it (e.g. add 10) and write the answer down.
  • Now write a second number, your partner does the same thing to this new number and writes down the answer.
  • You now must guess what they have been doing to the numbers!


Cupboard maths

Look at the weights printed on jars, tins and packets in your food cupboard


e.g. tinned tuna 185g tinned tomatoes 400g jam 454g



Choose six items and put them in order from lightest to heaviest.

Is the largest item the heaviest?