3. Taking the Cat's Way Home - Chapter 3

Good morning. Here is Chapter 3. When you have finished reading/listening to it move on to the activities. You can pick and choose which you do and in what order or you can even have a go at inventing your own activities linked to the book. And of course you can always go back and look at the activities linked to earlier chapters.

Mr B

Chapter 3

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Activity 1:

On page 25 William says “Ssssssss!” to Furlong.

When we write a word which sounds like what it means we call this an onomatopoeia word. Click the link to check out the BBC Bitesize page to find out more.


We often see these kinds of words in comics to describe sounds being made.




When I was a boy I loved watching Batman on TV (here is a treat for Liam)



Also animal sounds can be written down the way they sound.


Sorry, the video is a bit young but it does explain the idea.


Can you think of any of your own onomatopoeia words? More can be found here: www.onomatopoeialist.com

Activity 2:

You have now been introduced to all the characters in the story. Go back and reread the first three chapters, thinking about their personality and the way they look.







What clues have you noticed?

Copy from the book sentences that you think describe three of the main characters.

Print / draw a picture of one of the characters and write a description in your own words.

Activity 3:

On page 27 William throws a stone at Furlong and poor Furlong runs off.


Jane is worried because she thinks Furlong will be lost.

Design a missing pet poster for Jane.

Check out the advice on PetHub to get you started.

Activity 4:

Now you are halfway through the story, have a go at retelling it, in your own words, to a member of your family.

Activity 5:

Use the Purina Cat Breed Selector to research different breeds of cats.

Activity 6:

As you have found out, cats come in all different shapes and sizes. Look at the selection in the document below and try and invent some descriptive names for them.

Remember pets are very special and when we name them it is because we love them so much.

Be kind, funny (if you like) and most of all affectionate.


All the photos were taken from the Purina website where you will find more details about each breed.