4. Taking the Cat's Way Home - Chapter 4

Good morning. Here is Chapter 4.

When you have finished reading/listening to it move on to the activities. You can pick and choose which you do and in what order or you can even have a go at inventing your own activities linked to the book. And of course you can always go back and look at the activities linked to earlier chapters.

Enjoy Mr B

Chapter 4

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I am just uploading the activities 

Activity 1:

Read/listen to chapter 4.

William says, “I’ll get you…” Jane and Andrea are obviously worried about William and his threat, talk to someone in your family about what you think they should do.

Activity 2:

Look at page 33. Speech marks are used to show what is being said. Each time a new character talks the writer starts a new line.


With a partner choose a character each. Think about how they might sound. Now read the chapter aloud but only the spoken parts.


You might need to have a few goes to get it right. Record your conversation on a tablet or similar.

Activity 3:

On page 37 we see Andrea and Jane walking along the top of a brick wall.


Bricks come in a standard size.

Measure to find out what size they are.



Now imagine you are walking along a wall, try it out by marking it out on the floor.

Do you think you could walk all the way home from school along a wall?

Activity 4:

Throughout Taking the Cat’s Way Home the illustrations drawn by Paul Howard fit nicely with the writing.



Find your favourite illustration so far and copy. Then write the part of the story it is showing, shaping it to fit the drawing.