1. Number games

Here are some games and activities to try which will help you with your maths.

Ask someone in your family to have a go with you.


Number games

Roll two dice.

Make two-digit numbers, e.g. if you roll a 6 and 4, this could be 64 or 46.

If you haven’t got two dice, roll one dice twice.


Now try these activities:

  • Count on or back from each number in tens
  • Add 9 to each number in your heads (sneaky trick number one, add 10 then take away
  • Subtract 9 from each number (sneaky trick number two, take away 10 then add back one)
  • Double each number


What time is it?

Try getting into the habit of using time around the house. Find a clock with hands, not just a digital watch or clock. With an adult write down the timetable of your day and try to keep to it by looking at the clock.

If it isn't time yet for the next activity, how long until it is?


Get someone in your family to time you doing various tasks,

  • getting dressed
  • tidying a bedroom
  • doing a  game level online


Before you start, estimate how long you think it will take.

Can you beat your best time?



Find a set of 12 things, maybe buttons, paper clips, dried beans…

  • Find half of the 12 things
  • Now find one quarter of the same group
  • Find one third of the whole group


Repeat with 18, 24, 36


Order, order!

Ask some people in your family to try this activity with you.

Each of you should draw 6 circles in a line.

Take turns:

  • Roll two dice and make a two-digit number (see Number games)
  • Write the number in one of your circles. Once the number is written in a circle you cannot change it or move it!

The first to get all six of your circle numbers filled in in order wins!