3. Burglar Bill

Activity 1:

Creatures of the night

Burglar Bill is very active at night. So are lots of animals – they are called nocturnal.


Research nocturnal animals.


Choose a nocturnal animal to investigate:

fox, bat, mouse, badger, owl, hedgehog, fireflies etc.


Make a poster, leaflet or small book about your chosen animal.


Activity 2: 

Odd and even numbers

Burglar Bill visits the streets around his neighbourhood.

Along most streets, houses are numbered on one side in even numbers and odd on the other side of the road.


Thinking about your house number, write it down and then think what the numbers are on either side of your house and write them down.



Can you think which numbers will continue along the street in both directions?

Write them down.


Ask someone to go out with you and explore the houses in your street, were you right?


Numbers 1 and 2 are normally found at the end of the street nearest to the city centre, is this true in your road?


Activity 3:

Write a book review

Check out the Book Trust for some good ideas to help with writing a book review.