BMX Rider Matti Axel

Matti Hemmings, also known as Matti Axel from Nickelodeon is a professional BMX rider who travels all over the world, riding his bike. He currently holds the Guinness world record for the most ‘Cliffhanger spins’  in 60 seconds, which is 56.

Matt visited Llanishen Fach to show off some of his BMX skills. The style of riding that he does is called Flatland BMX and as the name says, it is BMX riding on flat ground. He uses a specially designed bike to perform his tricks, which has no gears or brakes and he always makes sure he is protected by wearing a helmet. Matt reminded us to always wear a helmet when riding any type of bike and encouraged the use of knee and elbow pads when beginning to learn tricks.

He learnt to ride when he was very young but only began BMX riding about 15 years ago. He told us that his skill at BMX did not just happen but is a result of lots of practice, hard work and falling off!  He trains 6-8 hours a day. He never gives up when learning a new trick and encouraged us to apply this attitude to all aspects of life, both in and out of school.

“Always give 110%, work as a team and encourage each other in whatever you do.”

There are lots of different names for the tricks Matti performed such as:
Peg wheelie
Nose wheelie

Time machine
Mega spin turbine
Lunge spin


See if you can work out which is which in the recordings below......coming soon!