Cross Country Primary School - Final

On Wednesday 3rd December the Year 5 and 6 cross country team went to the South Wales Cross Country Primary School Final. We were all excited and nervous at the same time.There was a tension in the cars and minibus as we travelled.
Everyone did very well and we all had a great time. Mr Dean and Mrs Carter were very proud of us and we should all be proud of ourselves. In each race there was over 100 people. We then did a Christmas Fun Run which was very fun. After all of the races we were all very tired out. Back in our seats we ate our lunches. We were all very nervous, as the scores were going to be announced soon. Once the scores had been announced we found out that our Year 5 boys team had all won a medal each and a trophy will be being sent in the post to us for taking part in the finals. We returned to school safely and told our friends about our great day that we had. By Nia