Eggsellent News!

For the last 21 days we have been waiting for our 17 fertile chick eggs to hatch.


4 eggs were moved into the dome incubator yesterday ready for hatching, so that we could see them more clearly, and were able to film them.The other 13 eggs remained in the large incubator to hatch.


In the main incubator we have:


  • 7 Welsummers
  • 3 Warrens crossed with Rhode Island Red
  • 3 Rhode Island Red crossed with


7 have hatched already!!


In the dome incubator we have:


  • 2 Welsummer
  • 1 Warrens crossed with Rhode Island Red
  • 1 Rhode Island Red crossed with Light Sussex


2 have hatched already!!


Now that we have 7 chicks hatched they will be transferred to a cage with a heat lamp. If they are moved too soon, the chicks may catch a chill and the other eggs may not hatch.


Using the i-motion app on the iPad we managed to record our first chick hatching over night. The app uses stop-frame animation which captured a photograph every 30 seconds and then converted it into a video for everyone to enjoy. Watch the short video here!