Rhiwbina Bowls Club

On Tuesday , Year 5 were visited by Rhiwbina Bowls Club. The children were put in teams of 4 and each team had a coach. They had different targets to get the balls in. Everyone was enjoying themselves. We asked lots of people if it was hard. Most of the people we asked said it was very hard , meanwhile some people were finding it really easy. Some people managed to get the balls in the targets!!! We spoke to Delyth and Anna who were taking part. "It is really cool as we are getting lots of points," said Anna. Delyth said " It is really hard to get the balls in the targets but also fun," We also spoke to some other people. " It is really interesting and I don't think it is hard," said Harry. Nia said ," It is kind of easy but half hard." At the end of the session, everyone enjoyed it. We are looking to our next session at Rhiwbina Bowls Club.  By Kate and Ruth