Sports Day

After consulting with the local weather department we have made the difficult decision to postpone Sports Day until Tuesday 7th July.


The Forecast for today is predicting rain all afternoon with heavy rain about 2 pm. This means we would not be able to complete even half of the events safely and all participants and spectators would be miserable!


Thank you to everyone who rallied around to provide gazebos and event shelters. It appears our rally cry scared away the scorching sunshine as predicted at the start of the week and has left us with the usual sports day headache - will it or won't it rain?!

We want to proceed as normal but should a deluge of rain appear not only would we be left with a running track which would be too slippery, but most importantly it would spoil the enjoyment of everyone involved, including the children.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We hope to see you next Tuesday.